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1. About Truckwaale Packers & Movers :-

Packing and moving things are made easy by packers and movers. Insurance services provided by packers and movers will help you claiming back the money in case of damage. Goods in transit insurance will be safe while packing and moving. Selecting the best packers and movers will be the right choice to shift your goods safe. Make a Cost Estimate for all your household Items so that it is easier to estimate your Insurance Premium.

We provide most efficient packing moving services for household goods.Our trained team of packers pack your personal effects and house hold items, with best quality packaging materials and latest techniques.We make use of best quality packing materials like bubble sheet, corrugated sheet, carton box, gunny bags, wooden crates, metal or plastic drums, pallets etc as per the requirement of packaging of goods to ensure safety of all goods ranging from heavy to light weight, sturdy to fragile.

2. Selection of Good Packers & Movers Company :-

1. Search For Best But Not Cheap Always :- When comparing offers from packers movers, consider choosing the good packers movers with the high weight estimate, as opposed to the lowest cost estimate. Movers with higher weight estimates are likely more concerned with giving you an accurate estimate than being the lowest bidder, and one tactic rogue movers often use is purposely under-estimating the weight of your items. Plus they are more concerned about your relocation.

2. Go For Reviews :- Another important thing to look for before choosing movers is to read moving company reviews. Researching the moving companies is essential for a stress free relocation. Go for reviews of packers and movers around different sites.

3. Get Reviews From Your Neighborhood :- I will mention one more important thing, Your neighbors reviews can give you the insight you need in selecting a Mover. Ask them How To Choose Good Packers Movers? This will guarantee a genuine review for you. We tend to use help for selecting businesses when we can’t get a local recommendation from someone we know. Every state is different, so if you’re thorough in your questions when selecting your Mover, you should be safe.

4. Make sure they have their branches at both source and destination. Destination is more important when you get shifted; you have their office nearby in destination for dealing with matters post relocation.

5. Meet Them Before You Make A Decision :- to the packers and movers and you will get 50% idea of their service from their talk. Quality of service is determined by the quality of their speech. Speak too many before you go for one. Money is not always the concern when it’s your dream house that needs to take care while relocation. 1000 Rs more is not going to affect you for a better packer mover. But, yes it may affect you when a cheap packer mover relocates your household items in pieces. Well, it’s not funny. There have been 100s of complaints against such services. So, speak, meet if possible and then decide. So, meet them personally to get an appropriate estimate of the cost.

6. See To It That There Are No Hidden Costs :- Make it clear for the packer and mover agent about the number of items with their exact sizes that you want to move. The costs come from behind the picture during exact relocation day. To avoid quarrels on deal, keep it simple and straight of items to be shifted.

7. Do They Offer Insurance :- Packing of items is a concern many times. They say, your glass item is packed and now we can easily move it along with other hard items. But, speak to them about the breakage that can be caused during moving. Yes, talk about Insurance. Do they offer Insurance?

8. Claim For Breakage Of Your Items :- Let me mention you first, that if you need to make a claim, before you sign the inventory sheet, you must report the facts in detail on the original inventory sheet provided to you. If you notice damage after unpacking, a claim must be filed within nine months after delivery. Remember that it’s best to report the damage as soon as possible. The mover must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 30 days and must deny or make an offer within 120 days of receipt of your claim.

9. Any Free Service :- Are they offering any add-on services like free storage for a couple of days?

Packing & Moving at Destination Place :-

After the packing and shifting of your belongings, there are some other important tasks also associated with it like unpacking and unloading of belongings. The unloading and unpacking also have the much importance in the safety of goods and must be done carefully and properly. Since, you have already hired professional packers and movers for your stuffing and shifting, you can also give the responsibility of unloading and unpacking to that agency. They can properly handle all these things and ensure the safety of your belongings. You have to pay some extra amount for the additional services but it can make your belongings completely safe and secure. People can also unpack and unload their goods by some care and alertness and save some valuable amount of money.

Truckwaale PackersYou all took excellent care of my shipment.You left me nothing to worry about. The price was excellent.The packing was excellent and the delivery was exceptionally fast. Job WELL!! Done. Thank you. Shyampal  
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