Unpacking of Household Items

Unpacking of Household Items :-

If you think moving out or into an office is hard – you’re wrong – it’s almost impossible Office packing services involve packing countless file cabinets, desks, chairs, all sensitive computer equipment, high-tech machinery and other innumerable office belongings.

Professional packers movers ensure everything gets packed up and more importantly – gets there safely! They acquire complete knowledge of best packing material, expertise as to best packing methods and promptness to provide most speedy services. Poor packing leads to loss of invaluable official documents which once missed can never be recovered. Trained professionals understand the importance of protecting every last item no matter how small and minor it seems. Further, a supervisor properly monitors the entire packing process.

Balkara Logistics Private Limited is a one of the largest and best transport company in India, We are Equipped with the best modern Trucks in India providing goods transportation, Packers and Movers, Car Transportation, Air Freight, Sea Cargo, Customs Clearance, Supply Chain Management, Truck Booking, Warehousing, services through our network partners located all over India. Our success is built on a foundation of best quality service and long lasting relationships with our clients.

Truckwaale.com is committed to best quality and the most efficient services and continuous improvement. We had adopted the principles of the 3D, Dedication, Determination and Discipline and Continuous Quality Improvement Process which help us to achieve the dedication of Time bound Delivery of Gods and teamwork needed to Provide safe Movement of Goods to our customers. Our Unique Quality process provides a platform to hear the concerns and needs of our clients, employees and vendors, and the co-operative atmosphere needed to resolve them. Implementation of the quality process focused on our entire team on working to improve transportation services to our customers.

Here’s how Office packing takes place
- Before packing, unnecessary supplies, files etc. that you won’t need in your new office are removed.

- Each carton is packed tightly and sealed to prevent damage and disarrangement due to shifting.

- Ink and other liquids are removed from drawers and place in packing cartons. For additional protection liquids are placed in a plastic bag and sealed.

- Glassware and breakable objects are wrapped with paper towels or newsprint to prevent breakage and packed securely in cartons.

- Small articles such as pencils, pens, scissors, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, etc. are placed in sealed envelopes, which are then packed in cartons.

- Desks, Credenzas and tables with drawers are moved in the end and certain precautionary measures and reparations are required. To prevent the contents of the desk from becoming disarranged, all contents are removed and placed in cartons. Glass desktops, desk pads and chair mats are labeled for identification.

- File Cabinets are locked and sequentially numbered.

- Electronic and Computer Equipments are packed as according to their individual specification.

Green Solutions :-

Our Company is ISO 14001 : 2004 certified for its Green Environment Initiatives. It is among one of the the highest rating company in India.

Truckwaale PackersYou all took excellent care of my shipment.You left me nothing to worry about. The price was excellent.The packing was excellent and the delivery was exceptionally fast. Job WELL!! Done. Thank you. Shyampal  
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